by Skies Below

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Skies Below is:
Vocals - Liz Porcayo
Cello - Peter Ellis
Guitar - Dan Sides
Bass - Ryan Akin
Geetar - Matt Davison
Drums - Tim Strovas


released September 13, 2013

Recorded at Magnets Large and Small.
Mixed, co-produced, and mastered by Dean Swanson.



all rights reserved


Skies Below Seattle, Washington

Skies Below's last show:

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Skies Below
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Track Name: Look To The Hive
Tiny bodies, lost in the black
Twisting, fighting to find their way back
Maturity labored and forced
Isolated among strange faces
Stars and eyes in darkness shone
Grinding toward the unknown
When called, the youngest came
Stealers of hope coming again
The hive swarms
The queen warns
Deification of the Third
The culling of the herd
The razor is to blame
The battle never a game
One mind cries out
The others filled with doubt
The battle never a game
never a game
Old guard passes down
His burden, the weighted crown
His battle never again
never again
Corpse of the giant
voice has gone silent
His mind never the same
never the same
Ender of all
Ending the mother, the children, the hive
Speaker for the dead
Whole worlds in flame
Ender of all
Speaker for the dead
His mind never the same
Speaker for the dead
There's no rest
There's no wicked
His mind never the same
The hive swarms
The queen warns
Locusts insane
Track Name: In Utero Veritas
In Utero Veritas
Heroes to our progeny
Pariah to the Lineage
Always truth within the depths
Deceits are the dead weights dragging
All of us from the same place
Heralding from the infinite
With egos so damn finite
And eros in between
Cord cut
Come undone
Come screaming into this world
Conversing with the aether
Whispering into the fading light
Crawling back we go
Total loss
Of cognition
In defiance
Of incisions
Clarity through sensory
Explosions of asymmetry
A total loss of the path we've carved
A leap of faith
An echo heard
A blind man’s bluff
A single word
The passageways are endless
And in dreams suspended
Like insects in amber
In utero veritas
Track Name: The Path Of The Beam
Pursuing the man in black
Through the baked wasteland
Choked with dust, a world moved on
Shrouded in rust, a world moved on

Chasing the truth under the scorching sun
Remembering the face of his father

The beasts of the land must follow the path of the beam
The clouds in the sky must follow the path of the beam
He'd crush you under his bootheel
Just for one sweet taste
He knows the cost
The cost is his Ka
His Ka is the wind that drives him

He doesn't know what he will find
But he will find it
Hile the Gunslinger
So far from Gilead
Son of Stephen
Childe of Eld
Childe of Eld
The Tower of Darkness awaits